School District Subscriptions


School District Subscriptions gives each and every student the benefit of 10,000 hours of interactive video lessons and solutions at no cost to the student.

Subscription includes unlimited number of teacher accounts and one school-wide code for all students.

Yearly Administrative Fee: $1,000


70% of school population* times $3.50

(*Grades 8 through 12)


Small school: 8th - 12th grade population: 500 students

70% X 500 = 350

350 X $3.50 = $1,225 +$1,000

Total school cost $2,225

Medium school:  8th - 12th grade population: 1,500 students

70% X 1,500 = 1,050

1,050 X $3.50 = $3,675 +$1,000

Total school cost $4,675

Large school:  8th - 12th grade population: 2,500 students

70% X 2,500 = 1,750

1,750 X $3.50 = $6,125 + $1,000

Total school cost $7,125



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Teacher Benefits


Create each class you teach and invite students to join.

Create assignments from tens of thousands of questions specifically categorized.

Create assignments for all, some or one student.

Provide remediation for absent learners.

Choose from multiple choice, fill-in or free response type questions for your assessments.

Chosse when your created assignments will open and clase.

All assignments are saved year to year for future use.

Easily extend or reopen closed assignments for individual students.

Automatic computer grading of short answer and multiple choice with scores and student answers displayed. 

Students can easily upload longer free response for quick teacher viewing and grading.

See student progress throughout the assignment.

Data analysis displayed for each assignment to inform instruction. 

Easily reassign past assignment questions on a new assignment.

Students can easily upload longer free response for quick teacher viewing and grading.

Easily share assignments with colleagues.

Send no - reply emails to all, some or one student.

Choose to display or not display our proprietary ‘View Solution’, View Lesson’, ‘View Similar’, and 'Scramble Questions’ buttons.

Assign point values for each question in an assessment.

Flip the classroom by creating an assignment with ‘View Lesson’ and ‘View Solution’ buttons activated.

Assigning homework on site allows for students to check their own answers and view solutions, saving valuble class time.


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